Friday, December 9, 2011

Chasing Trains, an example

I must admit that winter is upon us but still we can watch trains. Chasing trains has its ups and downs, and expectations. I remember chasing a steam excursion. I was in position for the first runby of the day. I had calculated the departure and how long, at minimum, it would arrive. The time came and past. I looked at the schedule and realized that I had calculated arrival on a departure of an hour later. I was too late. As it worked out, the schedule called for one short detour and a speed limit of 45. I had my speed limit of 55 plus. I eventually got ahead and had a very good chase.

Today, I was not expecting to chase but just to get out of town. As is my habit, my cameras were taken with me. I decide to head west toward Wadesboro, NC. At Lilesille, the highway crosses the tracks, via a bridge. However, just before the bridge, the road to the left crosses the tracks at a passing siding. So I decided to go back to see what I could see. After crossing over to the eastbound lane and crossing the tracks, I saw the engine. I wasn't sure if it was switching or stalled or moving. I made the turn to cross the tracks and saw the train moving west.

I U turned and made my way to Lilesville to make my first video. That began the chase. This chase include the westbound frieght passing a eastbound frieght on the siding at Poketon. I arrived at Poketon to find the train stopped on the siding. I noticed in the distance the singnal set to red. A few minutes later was the head light of the eastbound.

Every chase has interesting choices to be made. How far to chase, for instance? At this point I could chase the westbound a little more or chase home the eastbound. I decided to continue the chase and went to Monroe.

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