Sunday, March 11, 2012

Change in Blog

I began this blog, as my railfan travel blog, in anticipation of a vacation to Boston, two years ago. This has not really been all that accurate. I began with travel information and pictures taken on that trip. When I began to include video I found it easier to upload the video to YouTube. I would then embed the video to this blog. When first uploaded, it would marked as "unlisted." In this way only those reading the blog, would see the video. I would schedule my postings so it might be some time before that video was seen. I than would changed it to public, after the blog entry was published. I would add in the description the link to this blog. Now, all videos are public, even before they are published with the blog. Only pictures are exclusive to the blog, at present.

Since that trip, I have been videoing all trains. Stills are used for tourist pictures. I will use them for others where motion is not needed. It seems right to me to continue the railfan travel blog for day trips and vacations. Railfan videos will be on YouTube. YouTube will not have travel videos unless it is of trains watched on vacation. This blog will only have trains if the trip was not exclusive to railfanning or it was a railfan trip including more than one video or more than one location.

The exception to this understanding happens when I have a train excursion. I am planning a trip this spring. It will be mainly for train watching. And, if it goes as planned, there will be more trains than not. That trip will be outlined here. The train video will be on YouTube. So keep an eye on YouTube and this blog for more railfan action and more. . . .One more thing, leave comments about what you think, Yes I know I have a spelling and grammar problem so no need to let me know.