Monday, February 10, 2014

Souvenirs, again

Following my visit to Baltimore, I began to think  about souvenirs, again. I collect a souvenir from states, cities, restaurants, and attractions. State souvenirs are only collected is I stop in the state for an attraction. If I just spend the night, than not. Cities are collected if I came to look at all of the city or more than one attraction. As a railfan, watching trains in a city does not warrant a souvenirs, unless another attraction is visited. 

As I mentioned before, I collect both mugs and patches. Patches are collected for parks, living museums (restored villages), some restored homes and other museums. Of course I get a patch for a scenic train and railroad museum. However, occasionally, I get the mug and an optional patch or get the mug and an optional patch. I might even get two or more.

Since vacation, I began to realize that I don't always have the opportunity to purchase my souvenir on site. It might take some looking to find it or I do not have time to look. I am not looking back afterward and filling in the gaps. I do this usually by looking on line. I am even going back to early vacations and looking.