Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Over all, this was a good trip. The side trip for train watching was worth it. Splitting the watching made the trip more comfortable, in its own way. I did miss one chance to watch trains that was on the original schedule, the Staten Island Railroad. I chose to go to Trenton, instead.

I got back and took care of videos and pictures and begin to plan the next trips. I took on day trip, recently and the result are on my YouTube Channel, at gcm100x. So where do I go from here. In two trips I took in a lot of the NEC. I would love to go back to see the SIR. Than there is the Metro-North to take in as well. It has both diesels and electrics to take in. As I looked at the possibilities, I concluded that the best way to go would be to fly to JFK, rent a car and than take in the train watching, including the Hudson Line as well as the New Haven line, and the SIR. The SIR is more difficult to get to, particular by public transportation, Driving from either Newark or JFK, would be easier and quicker.

Now to look at future trips. Maybe next time I fly to a good starting point. One form is to fly to JFK, rent a car. From there take in the Staten Island Ferry, zip up to the Hudson River route of the Metro North and over to the New Haven Line. I am also looking at other railroad destinations, such as monorails in parks. I revised my Philadelphia  and Baltimore out and backs. It would be late fall or spring before my next trip is taken.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 7, part 3

I returned to Penn Station, Newark. I goal, now, was to look and the Newark Light Rail. I found my way to the station, which, at this point is underground. On my way into the station, noticed old signs saying "Subway" and this interensting art work:

I boarded the light rail, which, at this point, in underground. I rode the train until it emerged from underground and took this video:

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 7, part 2

There was more at Trenton. There is the southern terminus of the Trenton Line of the NJT, even though the Atlantic City trains run further south along with the River Line which runs to Camden (with short connection into Philadelphia. I took enough video of NJT at Harrison and Newark, so it is not disappointing that I got only one NJT train,  on the point waiting for service.

NJT 6041 on the line
SEPTA, Pennslyvania Commuter Rail, terminates it's Trenton Line, in Trenton. The bonus of this trip is getting video of three Silverliners:

SEPTA 9720, Silverliner, Southbound
SEPTA 746, Silverliner, Southbound
Now for the trip back to Newark. I will put the last stops in the next entry.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 7, part 1

My day, as planned, included a trip to Trenton. My railfan intent was the New Jersey Transit River Line between Trenton and Camden, across the river from Philadelphia. I took the New Jersey Transit Trenton Line to Camden. Even before I had time to orient myself, across the platform, came Amtrak 172.

Before moving on, I took a breakfast break. It just so happens, or otherwise planned, there is a McDonalds in the station at Trenton, and has window overlooking both the tracks of Amtrak and the Light Rail Station. Afterward, I went to ride the River Line to just down the road to Roebling, NJ. This is a good spot for run-by's.

Returning to Trenton. I spent some time watching trains. There is, of course, Amtrak:

Amtrak 84, Northeast Regional, Northbound, 946 leading
Amtrak 93, Southeastern Regional, Southbound, 938 leading
Amtrak 174, Northeast Regional, Northbound, 939 leading
NJT 6041 on the line, Trenton, NJ, July 17, 2012
Amtrak 176, Northeast Regional, Northbound, 654 leading
Amtrak 647, Pennsylvanian, Southbound
Amtrak 2166, Acela Express, Northbound

However there is much more, and that will come in the next entry.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day Five

Day four was spent in family stuff, movie, etc, so it is not til today that personal stuff occurred. On Sunday I had a chance to see the Northstar Commuter Rail.

I than to the Light Rail to the Mall of America, that shrine of American Consumerism.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 4, St Paul, Part Three

Now is my entry of Railroad watching. The Saint Paul waterfront has this lift bridge. A a barge makes it's way along the river, we see the bridge lift. A remarkable structure.
Finally two Soo line locomotives, working the yard.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 4, St Paul, Part Two

Another day brought us to the twin city of Saint Paus. We begin with a side along the river. This bridge is a very attractive structure.
A tub and barge on the river under the bridge and the old factory row beyond the bridge,
And I love sklines.
Two examples of public art: a statue in a park along the river. The secnd is the back wall of a row of store, one of which is Garrison Keilor's Boodstore.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 4, St Paul, Part One

Today is a tour of Saint Paul. It is most fitting to begin with the capitol.

Like most Capitol squares, we have memorials 

such as the Wilkins Memorial
Or to Charles Limburg
Or to Hubert Humphrey
World War II Veterans

Vietnam Veterans
Misc. other memorial