Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A brief stop

In my work, I occasionally follow the Aberdeen Carolina Western between Aberdeen and Pinehurst, NC. One afternoon, I saw them heading into Aberdeen where their interchange with CSX. I neither had time nor my good camera, so I let it pass. The next day I took my camera with me. I thought that I should take my day off by tracing the ACW. I had traced it from Aberdeen to Star, NC but never between Gulf and Charlotte. To prepare on my way home I came into Aberdeen to see if there was something there, that I might chase on the next day.

CSX was switching down the road. It did come as far as the crossing but no further. While watching, I heard a train horn in the distance. I knew this must have been the Aberdeen and Rockfish. CSX had the main fouled as well as the ACW/CSX interchange. I took the chance to run by the AR shops. As I got there I caught 300 heading for the shops.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Late January Trip

I know that I mentioned that it was outside of the excursion season. The main reason for this is the sunlight fades to soon. Every chance to see some trains would be taken, however. An afternoon jaunt to just get away, resulted on an interesting train experience. I crossed the railroad tracks while traveling on route 74. There were freight cars on the siding but I chose not to investigate. On the return trip, I notice the possibility of an engine. I turned at the next road and saw the engine in the distance. All indication was that it was switching up ahead, but I had no means of getting to the siding (legally).

The engine wasn't moving at the time. Than the headlight began to blink and a single horn blast indicated that the engine was moving. It was moving forward. It crossed the road in front of me and since I was heading in that direction, I decided to chase the train down the line. I was at Wadesboro and heading toward Pee Dee, NC

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sanford, NC Return Trip

I did a little exploring. I went up the CSX to the NS interchange. There was the 7016 waiting.
As I was working myself back to town a CSX freight passed, but too late to video. I chased it back into town but arrived a bit too late. I went to watch more Atlantic and Western but they were finishing up for the day. So off the the chases. I got almost to Southern Pines and was going to pull over but the road was close and the gates were coming down, not enough time to set up so down the road and pulled up to another crossing, and caught it coming by. I pulled into Aberdeen and, as is a custom, I was going to the Aberdeen and Rockfish shops when I noticed that I was ahead of the freight and saw it up the tracks so part two of this video.

Finishing the video at Aberdeen, I came along trackside to the Aberdeen Carolina Western interchange and there were 6910 and 6918. I have not seen these engines before. These were a different paint scheme, as well.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Western and Atlantic RR, Sanford, NC

The weather was moderate so I took off to see the Western and Atlantic RR in Sanford, NC. I have been past Sanford and crossed over the W&A many times, but never watched. Between the CSX tracks and the A&W tracks was the old brick union station. Within the block there was the Railroad House, which, according to my research. what built for the Raleigh & Augusta Air-Line. It has been converted into a museum.

Most cities and towns have their railroad display, a caboose or engine. Sanford has his steam engine. I happened upon the history of this engine. It was  Built For Raleigh & Southport Railway Co. #10 at Raleigh, NC. In 1912, after consolidation, it was the Raleigh, Charlotte & Southern Railway Co. #10. After merger in 1914, it became Norfolk Southern Railway Co. #99 and in 1939 it was renumbered #203 In 1946 it was sold to Atlantic & Western Railway Co. and became #12 In 1966, donated to Railroad House Historical Association. (The Steam Project, steamlocomotive.info)

I arrived downtown and turned at the tracks to get myself oriented. There next to the parking lot that I choose was the W&A switcher. I heard an engine in the distance but what one, I did not know. I got pictures of 109. It was lunch time so they were taking a break.

I took time to trace the mainline, 11 miles of track. Upon my return, 109 was busy switching.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Public Spaces, Public Art in Richmond

Memorials abound int Richmond. They rainge from the major as in the War Memorial.

Momuments along Momument Ave.

An unusal memorial/historic site. The sign explains everything.

Within the public spaces there is art as here in Main Street Station Park and the James Center

Some are are seasonal
A Public Space

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Uptown, Skyline, and Carytown

Just west of downtown is the Fan. A portion is also labeled as Uptown. As you pass Belvedere you come to Monroe Park with its southwestern corner is what was know as the Landmark Theater, formally The Mosque. Its history is varied and can be read at History of the Landmark Theater. I remember is as the Mosque, attending many a performance there. Uptown sits behind the Landmark Theater, along Main Street bordering VCU. The interesting colors makes this a unique community.

Carytown, like many neighborhoods are old and established. Many have may have a recovery. Carytown is noted most for the Byrd Theater and shopping. I heard that it began as the location of the toll booth on the old turnpike.

Robert Lee Bridge gives different views. From here we can see the Civil War Museum on the site of Tredegar  Iron work, with the city Skyline in the background.

From the Lee Bridge we have a good view of the Richmond skyline, including Southside.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Years day, 2011, Watching Trains, Ashland, VA

I arrived in Ashland ahead of the Northbound Northeast Regional from Richmond and just as a southbound CSX freight comes through.
The next on the schedule was the southbound Palmetto 89, led by engine number 24.

Next on the schedule was the both the northbound Silver Meteor 92 and the southbound Carolinian 79. 92 came through while 79 was in sight. Unfortunately my camcorder had turned off due to a bump and by the time it came back on, so I missed the Silver Meteor. I did get the Carolinian.

A return to Ashland for supper, allowed me to see this CSX freight in the twilight.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Years Eve, 2010, Carytowm New Years Day, 2011, watching trains, Main Street, Richmond, VA

I took some time to visit folks in the Raleigh, NC, area. It was mainly a family visit. I did some checking out the situation. for one thing I wanted take pictures around Main Street Station. I first checked with security on where I could take pictures, in a safe and legal. I found myself at the Hermitage Road crossing in time for the Northeastern Regional 95, southbound, 95, led by engine number 24.

New Years Eve was spent with friends and the raising of the ball in Carytown.

New Year was spent, you guessed it, train watching. First there was the Northeast Reagional 67, led off with engine number 100. I original intention was to take the video than go in the station to get video of it leaving. I had cameral problems and did not get more video at Main Street Station.

Withing minutes came the Northeast Regional 194, led by endine number 79, I got stills.

I drove to Ashland,Va and caught it coming through.