Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Some More Thoughts

It is still a few months until vacation. I started thinking about it, about the time I got home from Christmas. It isn't anticipation but more thinking ahead and putting all the variables into place. In the original plan, some destinations were eliminated of postponed. Further research changed some destinations as well. Remember, what I planned is only a guide, not absolute. I first wanted to see if the itinerary as practical, able to be done in the time allotted. Second I wanted to see if a better alternative would be work better. I will think more and re-plan between now and then.

The weather is getting milder and other railfan trips are thought about and every crossing of the railroad finds me craning the neck to see if anything or what is there. When I started this blog, I included these in my writings. Now, I just take the video and upload it to YouTube and make it available, in that way.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Planning Vacations and Souvenirs (again?)

I pretty much have settled on my itinerary projections. Remembering it is projection based on possibilities based or projected outcomes of speculative ventures. In other words, when I go, a plan to stay 1 hour may escalate to 4 or 8 hours and 4 or six hours may end up on one hour. That 8 hour projection on travel may end up 5 or 10. I might even bypass an attraction all together, when I get there.

I begin thinking about souvenirs, again. Mainly because I am looking a display factors of these old souvenirs. I pin my patches to cloths stretched on canvass stretchers, that use by artist for oil paintings. That idea came from my sister, who stretched unique fabric for use a wall hangings. I found a nice set of shelves with six in deep shelves, perfect to display my mugs, except that I need another one.

I started collecting patches for railroad excursions and railroad museums back on 1978 with the steam excursion of the Chessie Steam Special. That was a part of my vacation, that year, the second one I took after college and the first touring type (my first vacation, I visited a commune). These patches were sewn to a  shirt which became my uniform for all future railfan events.

My vacation of 1981 was to visit my parents in Mississippi. As part of that visit, I took the train, via Chicago. In Vicksburg, I began collecting patches for destinations other than railroad. However, it was the only patch gotten for that vacation.

Enter 1986 and vacation to Kiwah Island in SC. In looking for a patch, no patch was found but a mug was found. This set my souvenir process, used until now. Several years ago, I realized that I did not have a mug or patch to represent all my vacations. I had overlooked a few. I looked on Ebay and online stores for the various destinations. Several questions remain concerning getting these souvenirs. 1. if I had been there before and did not get the souvenir and returned, what order would place it in my display. 2. How far back before my first vacation where I first collected, should I look?

I have tried various ways to order the patches and mugs. I recently went back to my timeline to figure out on vacation. A few years, as a part of journaling, I laid out a timeline of when I live where, who I worked for. I found out at a few patches and mugs are out of place because I placed them where their second visit was not the first. I noticed that this vacation will finish getting all patches and mugs.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Some Chase Scenerios

In looking at train chases, we start where there is limited passenger activity. I am on the east coast so I select starting point nearby. For now, I start from Southern Pines or Hamlet, NC. Going north, I need to transfer in North of Richmond or Washington. To Boston, transfer would be Richmond, Alexandria, Washington and points north to NYC. North of Baltimore are impractical due to time of departure on the second league. Both give a long layover and a few supplemental point to gain.

A second target area is Chicago, coming for the east coast. WE can extend the Chicago chase to include Memphis, TN. We can use Atlanta, GA but with few targets. Florida is perhaps better divided between Miami on one trip and Tampa along with Orlando and Jacksonville, on another. These are just a few possibilities, depending on the nature of the targets. For instance, a Chicago trip via the Horseshoe Curve.

The possibilities are great and depending on starting point.

The American Train Chase Rules

A chase is simply an out and back. It may be one day or overnight out and one day or overnight back. Best to chose a starting point with only one train each way.

1.The player will leave on one scheduled train and have to be back on or by another specific train. While away, we have specific targets that must be hit, that is trains that must be ridden, photographed or video.

2.A supplemental point is given for riding, photographing or videoing targets not within the target zone. 1 point for commuter rail, 2 points for light rail (including streetcars) and 3. points for monorail. An additional point is given for riding.

3.Missing a target or arriving back at a time after the specific train means elimination.

4.Player may substitute supplemental points for targets missed to avoid elimination, at a rate of 2 supplemental points to offset one point.

5.There is not a minimum or maximum number of eliminations in any given chase. If no one is eliminated or all are eliminated that be it. However, missed targets or arriving back late may be offset by supplemental points.

6.Each person is a part of a two person team. However, each person is randomly partnered with someone other than the person's team mate.

7.If your team member is eliminated, you are eliminated. However, you or your team mate's points may be use to avoid elimination.

8. If all chasers are eliminated in any league, the team with most supplemental points will be declared winner. If in the last league, the team with most supplemental points will be declared winner.