Friday, April 17, 2015

Some Chase Scenerios

In looking at train chases, we start where there is limited passenger activity. I am on the east coast so I select starting point nearby. For now, I start from Southern Pines or Hamlet, NC. Going north, I need to transfer in North of Richmond or Washington. To Boston, transfer would be Richmond, Alexandria, Washington and points north to NYC. North of Baltimore are impractical due to time of departure on the second league. Both give a long layover and a few supplemental point to gain.

A second target area is Chicago, coming for the east coast. WE can extend the Chicago chase to include Memphis, TN. We can use Atlanta, GA but with few targets. Florida is perhaps better divided between Miami on one trip and Tampa along with Orlando and Jacksonville, on another. These are just a few possibilities, depending on the nature of the targets. For instance, a Chicago trip via the Horseshoe Curve.

The possibilities are great and depending on starting point.

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