Monday, December 11, 2017

Baltimore, MD, Part 1

I spent the afternoon and evening in Prudential Center, Copley Place, and Back Bay Station. Finally, my train arrived. Overnight to Baltimore, MD. I first started thinking about Baltimore transfer when I thought about coming into Washington, and taking a short trip back to Baltimore. That quickly became a stop off and an excursion on the Acela Express. Of course, I can't stop anywhere without some local touring. I planned to stop by Mt. Holly Station, a monument in downtown and Camden Yard. A coup;e of other sites were chosen but more out of the way. I changed the order and went first to Camden Yard, via light rail. Only pictures of this part of town was the Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

I took the light rail to Centre Street and walked to Washington Monument and Mount Vernon Place

Close by is the Marquis de Lafayette Statue

The street leading to these is call Monument Street and these are some others

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Landmark Center

As I planned this excursion, I came across the Landmark Center. It appeared to be a warehouse that was converted to a Shopping Mall. I wanted to visit just to see. Besides it was a nice ride on the green line, to a part of the area that I had never been.

Landmark Center is not a mall but an office tower with a few retail spaces on the ground floor. I might have some mallish space in the future. I spent a little time there and than rode the green line out and back to Copley. I took a brief stop by the Boston Public Library, a remodel of the Boston Public Library, I came into 35 years ago. I attended a seminar at the Library. I was a more comfortable. I took a brief nap there, before moving on.

I walked through the Prudential center mall and over to Copley. After dark, I went to the Prudential Observatory. I took pictures of the lights of Boston, with a bit of fog settling in.

End of day and time to wait for the train.

South Station to Landmark Center, part 2

I walked back to South Station, to catch the red line, one block along the river, right one block to the T station. As you have noted, I like trains, architecture, and public art. In these two blocks, I got all three:

Public Art

Trains (South Station)

Artistic Architecture

From South Street Station, I went down to the red line and took it to Park Street Station, the southeast corner of the Boston Commons.

As I worked my way through this trip, something came to mind, "visitors think they know everything, but locals know they know everything." Another, "it takes a visitor to really see everything, because the locals have begun to ignore the everyday." While at home, I don't notice a lot of things. I passed by statures and memorials that I never really look at and can't tell you who was who.

I have walked the Commons, a number of times, while living in the area and the various visits back to Boston. I have many pictures so did not take all that many. I started to take some of the ice skating rink, but no one was skating. I did take one of the State House, because it was a different view than I had in the past,

I got a couple of the Christmas Tree,

and one fountain.

I had thought about crossing the Commons and the Public Gardens to Arlington Station, but changed my mind and went to Boylston Station, instead. I boarded the Green Line to Riverside, exiting at Fenway Station.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

South Station to Landmark Center, part 1

I did walk along the Harborwalk toward the Tea Party Ship and Museum.

I passed what I thought was art and entered the Hood Milk Bottle Plaza. From the Hood Milk Bottle Plaza we see Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, I did go in.

On Road, Second League

Normally, I do not blog as I go, but might make notes as I go. As i went, I made a few more journal entries than usual, as seen below, I will add notes as I go. The Journal entry is bold and I am inserting changes and additions.

[Day 2, Tuesday December 5, 2018]

6:45 AM We are stopped in Providence, RI. My first experience with Amtrak was taking the train from Providence to New York visiting Don and Sally and then Ann in the fall of 1978. I took the Chesse Steam special and then on to New England. I was still in Williamsburg. [my seat was not good to see the Providence and Worcester Railroad. In the 2012 excursion, in Providence, I saw the P&W and the Circus Train.]

[When I got into South Station, I saw that there was an unusual hook-up on the train. In Washington, Amtrak switches motive power from Diesel to Electric. For some reason, they use both diesal and electric in a two engine hookup.

In South Station, I got a day pass for the T, allowing me to use the public transit for the day. This will be quicker and better than individual fares. I got a bite to eat at South Station and prepared for the next part of the trip. The original plan was to walk to Rolling Bridge Park.

Instead, I took the T and walked from the nearest T station.

When I was planning for this trip, I was looking for a good place to video trains coming out of South Station. I saw this entry for Rolling Bridge Park.


Rolling Bridge is centered on the old lift bridges coming in and out of South Station. Looking at the pictures, it more of a historical site or memorial than a true park. It is separated from the rest of the city by industry. The only thing connecting it to anything is that it is at the end of the Harborwalk. It seems small and apart from the rest of the city, to be useful.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Fredericksburg Transfer.

I did make alterations in the trip, so this the final trip:

Cary, NC to Boston, Dec.4-7, 2017
Day 1:
Cary, NC to Fredericksburg, 80 Carolinian
Fredericksburg, watch trains
Fredericksburg to Boston, South Station,  66 Northeast Regional (part 1)
Day 2
Fredericksburg to Boston, South Station, 66 Northeast Regional (part 2)
Boston, South Station to Rolling Bridge Park,  red line
Rolling Bridge Park
Rolling Bridge Park to Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum walk
Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum to South Station, Boston, MA walk
South Station, Boston, MA to Park Street red line
Park Street to Boylston Street walk
Boston Commons
Boylston Street to Fenway Station, Riverside Green line D
Landmark Center
Fenway Station to Prudential Observation Tower via Copley Station
Observation Deck (after dark)
Copley Place
Prudential Observation Tower to Back Bay
Boston Back Bay to Baltimore, Penn Station 67 Northeast Regional (part 1)
Day 3
Boston Back Bay to Baltimore, Penn Station 67 Northeast Regional (part 2)
Baltimore, Penn Station to Camden Yards
Camden Yards
Camden Yards to Center Street Light Rail
Center Street to Marquis de Lafayette Statue
Marquis de Lafayette Statue
Washington Monument and Mount Vernon Place
Marquis de Lafayette Statue to Center Street
Center Street to University of Baltimore, Mt. Royal, Light Rail Station, light rail
Mt. Royal Station
Howard Street Tunnel
University of Baltimore, Mt. Royal, Light Rail Station to Baltimore, Penn Station
Baltimore, Penn Station to Washington 2155 Acela
Washington to Cary 91 Silver Star

The early morning train was running about 45 minutes late. So I did not have as much daylight is I want it. I didn't make it down to the river as planned and got several videos of trains coming across the bridge. I came back to the station, to begin the process of waiting in the dark. About 30 minutes till the train comes. Got a little colder of course so I'll welcome the warmth, when I get on the train. Have an hour before DC. But 30 minutes layover in DC. All of that will not be off the train but be right there. It's been a pretty good trip so far and I'm looking forward to the train coming. Miss some of the first train and we'll wait and see. Coming back will be the biggest question getting into Baltimore and the Acela train which will be the big experience for this trip

Tomorrow is a big day in Boston. Going by to see a park that I haven't seen before going out to him all that I didn't even know existed. And finally coming back to Prudential Tower. Of course that is if all goes as planned also see the Tea Party Ship and Museum.

When I got everything loaded up last night I took what I thought I would need and as I put it in the car realize it was awfully heavy so I trim down the stuff I'll bring just the backpack I left the DSLR in the car that is. so so all still pictures come off the phone.

Train videos:

Monday, December 4, 2017

Departure Minus 3hr. And Counting

It's less than 3 hours now, before the train leaves. I've begun to check progress on the trains that I will take or could see. I toss and turn for part of the night, which is normal before I leave on any trip. Most things were taken care of last night, a couple different from most trips I've taken in the past.
First thing this morning, that is after getting out of bed, I cook and eat breakfast, check overnight email, and started on this blog entry. As I began this entry, around 7. That is something in my mind not on paper. Everything is together. I started washing dishes before breakfast. What I use at breakfast will be washed by hand before leaving. I still need to and will throw out the garbage before I leave. The apartment got a little messy, but over the weekend I got out the trash and did a little bit of dusting. And I ran the vacuum cleaner.

I am finishing up breakfast, then I will take my shower. At this point the time is 7:25. Train leaves at 10. I have 10 minutes to the train station, maybe 15.