Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 4, Tide, Light Rail, Norfolk, VA

I can always find something to do in Richmond. But I had an intention of going to Norfolk to see their new light rail. I had, originally planned to do this on the way home, with a swing by Norfolk and the trip south. As always, the plan can and often is changed. I decided to do it today and come back to Richmond and leave for home, tomorrow. Nothing special for this trip but to park near Norfolk, Harbor Park. That is where the new Amtrak Station is. However, the new Northeast Regional will not come while I am in Norfolk.

I head south on I 95 and head west on 460. This allows me to parallel the Race Track, the Norfolk Southern mainline. It is one of the longest  straight lines in the country. Nothing came through, however. In Norfolk, I chose several places in Norfolk to video

Tide, Light Rail, Norfolk, VA downtown, January 1, 2013

Day 3, A Train Chase

New Year's Day!! A new year and new videos, still in Richmond. First on my wish list, is to head downtown to main Street Station. Main Street Station station is story and half off street level. All trains passing the station are on a viaduct at lobby level. At one time there was a train shed off the back, that was used by the railroad for northbound trains. Through through trains went to the side of the station, as they do today. At one time, the train shed was in enclosed, to make a shopping mall, to help revitalize downtown. The mall failed, but it is still enclosed. I have pictures of the open train shed take more thirty five years ago.

The nice thing about the station, is that you can take pictures from one the balcony overlooking the rail. First passing the station is CSX 7371, leading Northbound Freight and entering the interchange and heading north for Acca yard. I came to the station to see Amtrak 194, led by 129 northbound from Newport News heading north for Washington, New York, and Boston. The first freight was bonus, for the trip. After the train arrived I headed north to Staples Mill Station, and Hermitage road crossing, hoping to get there before the train. No big deal. My video call it a chase but that is not really true. The train takes it slow through the interchange while I used the interstate. 

After arriving in time an seeing the Northeast Regional, there was CSX 5433 leading southbound Freight,followed by Amtrak 67 led by 165 southbound, the Silver Star, CSX 863, leading Southbound frieght, and CSX 685 leading northbound freight. Over all, it was a good day. I did not just watch trains but did other things as well, mostly looking over things.

Day Two, Doswell, VA

Day two began with a drive to Doswell, VA, the crossing of the C&O and  the RF&P.
The C&O after a series of mergers becomes a part of CSX. RF&P likewise became part of CSX. today the old C&O is operated as the Buckingham Branch.

First across the diamond is Amtrak 194 Northeast Regional, 165 leading, northbound December 31, 2012. You can hear the train cross the diamond. Next crossing the diamond is Amtrak 89 Palmetto, 48 leading, southbound. Back to Hermitage Rd. after a quick run by the Staples Mill Train Station.  First to the crossing was Amtrak 92 Silver Star, 1 leading, northbound. Followed by two northbound CSX freights: CSX 5388, leading northbound freight and CSX 5216 leading northbound freight.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 1 in Richmond VA

I was to arrive on Saturday evening, check in, and just relax. Sunday morning but worship at the church I went to well living in Richmond what in 20 years ago. Church was earlier so I had a fair amount of time left in the day. I was planning to visit with friends, but they were not available, during my visit. So, I went train watching. There has been many locations, where I have watched, over the years. On the north side of town, along the old Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Potomac main line, there is the mountain road crossing. It's a nice crossing but parking becomes a problem. I chose the Hermitage road crossing, it is within sight off the Staples Mill Amtrak Station with a long view in both directions.

First across the crossing is
CSX 5431 Leading a northbound freight. This was soon followed by Amtrak 92, Silver Star, northbound, Led by 89. This was followed by CSX 5425 Leading Southbound freightAmtrak 80, Carolinian, Northbound, Led by 59, and Amtrak 79, Carolinian, Southbound, Led by 66 a Heritage Unit. All this after lunch and before supper.

I spent the evening working with the video and goofing off.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Ready to Travel Again

It has been four months since my last entry. And two months since my last trip. I have been watching trains, which can  be seen on YouTube at my channel  gcm100x. No real itinerary as each trip was a simple out and back, within my normal circuit.

Now for Christmas. This was planned to begin with family visits while the travelogue will not begin until after. My plan was to go to Richmond, VA and then on to Norfolk. Richmond may have a side trip to Doswell and the Buckingham branch and Norfolk to see the Tide, the new light rail. I might get to see the new Norfolk bound Amtrak, more likely around Suffolk.

As always, the trip was flexible plans and to see where see things would go from there.

As always I did a plan. This was to be only speculation, to see if I could do what I wanted to do.