Sunday, January 12, 2014

Monday to Baltimore, MD, part 2

After the museum, I was time to head back to Penn Station in Baltimore. I took the bus to the light rail. Than north to Cultural Center station stop. I chose a good spot to set up for video. I did not setup a tripod but set the camcorder on a bench. I started the video and stood back and watched.
For the time that I watched, I was not approached by police. I say that in joke. I was wearing my Virginia Tech cap. I so happens that every time I got approached by police, I was wearing that same cap. I caused me to think that there was something about that cap. Besides, Baltimore has a reputation for police mistrust of railfans. It may have been the lack of tripod, and my not handling the camera that was the key.

Monday to Baltimore, MD, part 1

The original plan, to visit Baltimore, MD, centered around the light rail. It would have been nice to see MARC both desiel and electric. Since I would be close, the B&O railroad Museum would be a good visit. I hand been to the museum, thirty or so years ago. There has been many changes and event since then, such as the collapse of the roof of the old roundhouse. I took the northeast regional from Richmond. I arrived and boarded the light rail. The operator of the car, I was on, gave me good directions, as to bus transfer. I arrived at the museum and spent several hours, watching. I got video of the exhibits and the train rides.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sunday afternoon

After church and a nice dinner, I headed to the heritage toad crossing to watch trains. I arrived in time for 80, Amtrak Carolina's. The same as I saw in Cary, BC a couple of days earlier. I was not really chasing the same train. When I checked the status whole a dinner, it was behind by 10 minutes. When i got to the crossing, it had dropped to. 25 minutes late. That caused CSX to push a freight ahead, a container freight.
The Carolina's was in the station at the time. So, the Carolina was held until it passed. Now the Amtrak fell to 45 minutes late.

Sat. Trip to Richmond

My tradition is to worship at a church I attended, while living there, more than twenty years ago. I went by way of Keysville, VA. Years ago, the southern railway came through here. As merger with Norfolk southern progressed, this line was found as not worthy to keep. The tracks were taken over by a short line called the Virginia southern. The line is now a part of the Buckingham branch. No operation at the time. I got slides, however. 

Friday, Cary, NC

I had a morning free while still with family. Raleigh station would be nice. Cary would be just as nice. Both the same distance. Cary had natter parking and two lines joining
I aimed yo arrive in plenty of time for 80 Amtrak Carolinian north bound. I began by looking for good locations for picture taking an videoing.
The Cary platform is too short for the train so they stop twice.