Friday, July 31, 2015

Day 4.5 the beginning, Wampanoag Homesite

Every now and again, we get a welcomed surprise. The night before, in looking for hotel reservations, I chose a less expensive place. The one I chose, had only one picture. For all I knew, this could be a no tell motel. I was surprised to find a very good. It was an older roadside motel but the city had grown up around it. It had a full bathroom, with the sink in the bathroom. It was very comfortable and quiet.

In the am, I drove to Plymouth, through the Boston traffic. First stop for the day is Plimouth Plantation, a reconstructed village of the Pilgrims. The first thing, encountered is the Wampanoag Homesite, a reconstructed native village, well worth the trip:

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 3.5, part 3, Lynn Wood Reservation, Walden Pond (not the famous one)

I got finished with Sargus earlier than expected so I went to a favorite place, from when I lived in Lynn: Lynn Wood Reservation. When I first notice this place on the map, years ago, I was attracted by the pond's name: Walden Pond....not the Emmerson Walden Pond, it was in Concord, MA. It is a beautiful place, surrounded by the modern day city.

Day 3.5, part 2, Saugus Iron Works

If you thought of me as a shutterbug, you would be making an understatement. I posted 98 pictures of Old Sturbridge Village. I had many more that were deleted. They were duplicates or pictures that were not worth posting. I have always been a shutter bug. Early in my photographic experience, 35 years ago, I took a tour of the Holy Lands. I took 30 rolls of 35 mm film. I came home with 27 rolls, exposed. It was only a 14 day tour. Now with digital, it only makes it worse. However, computers make enhancing pictures are easier.

I got to Old Sturbridge around 9:00, about 30 minutes before they opened. I got finished touring around noon, so I started to head for Sargus Iron works, north of Boston. It was the earliest Iron works, reconstructed on the site. This iron came from the river bed.

This site was originally a part of the city of Lynn, MA but not a separate town in of itself. Thirty five years ago I live in Lynn, along the coast. I never learned of this place. Of course, that was before the days of the internet. I only learned of it while looking online at a listing of patches of national parks.

It is a national park site so I did get the patch, as souvenir. I also got a mug for the mug case, as an extra. Here are the pictures, note I did edit them

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Day 3.5, Old Sturbridge Village

One thought, while planning, was to arrive at Hancock in the afternoon and leave the option for the next morning. I saw all I wanted the evening before so, today, I set off for Old Sturbridge village. I set the option to move one to Sargus and the Iron Mill, maybe in the afternoon or leave it to morning depending on how long I stayed at Old Sturbridge village. For Hancock and Sturbridge, this was my second visit.

Old Sturbridge Village hadn't changed much. The primary change is that they have chosen a date rather than preserving all. I enjoyed the visit. It had been more than 30 year. My pictures are in order that I saw these items: