Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day 2.5, Hancock Shaker Village

I got on the road from Philadelphia, early. In my itinerary or projection or wish list, I look at leaving at 9. This morning it was before 8. This made my trip a little different. I got to Hancock Shaker Village around 1. My wish list put arrival around 2.

I stated that I don't get souvenirs for places that I am passing through or have a souvenir from previous visits. However, I broke that rule today. I stopped at one of the rest areas in NY and saw a NY mug that was pretty. I bought it with the justification that I will be a current trip mug but I will go to southern NYC and Staten Island to as a destination.

My arrival early, plus the fact that I saw the village, this afternoon. I won't return in the morning but rather head for Old Sturbridge Village and make it to Saugus for the night. I might get a chance to see the Iron Works, tomorrow. We will have to see. I might get a change to go by Lynn Woods, a place I use to go to when I lived in Boston.

I had many pictures of Shaker Village, first general views:

Here are some of the Shaker Exteriors:

There are two type of space inside these structures, first are the living, domestic spaces:

Than there are the workshop spaces, including printing, binding, and box making. The Shaker Box is next to the Shaker Broom for true innovation.
Most notable structure is the round stone barn:
OK! For the children, there are the animals of the community:

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