Friday, September 11, 2015

Souvenirs, Post-Vacation, part 3

I gave up on collecting post cards, when I started taking pictures. I have more than five thousand slides, taken over the years, since 1973. That does not include the black and white and the prints. I stopped taking slides when I got my first digital around 1999. I kept them sorted, but some slides might fit into several categories. About a half dozen years ago, I scanned all of my slides and saved them to the computer in jpg format. These slides had been enhances, but I was not so good at enhancing them, so now I'm going back scanning the ones that are not that well enhanced, and organizing once again the slides in my collection. In addition there is the black and white negatives which I scanned made them positive and have them in JPEG format on the computer. In the original process of scanning, I decided against scanning my freight car slides.

Some are properly, or adequately enhanced so these will not be scanned again. In addition, I will correct naming and numbering protocol, of each slide. I noticed that some problems are not in enhancement but in the slide themselves. I may have underexposed some, not noticing this until development. Some may Have deteriorated in color, over time. I am doing what I can do to correct these for the computer.