Friday, April 17, 2015

The American Train Chase Rules

A chase is simply an out and back. It may be one day or overnight out and one day or overnight back. Best to chose a starting point with only one train each way.

1.The player will leave on one scheduled train and have to be back on or by another specific train. While away, we have specific targets that must be hit, that is trains that must be ridden, photographed or video.

2.A supplemental point is given for riding, photographing or videoing targets not within the target zone. 1 point for commuter rail, 2 points for light rail (including streetcars) and 3. points for monorail. An additional point is given for riding.

3.Missing a target or arriving back at a time after the specific train means elimination.

4.Player may substitute supplemental points for targets missed to avoid elimination, at a rate of 2 supplemental points to offset one point.

5.There is not a minimum or maximum number of eliminations in any given chase. If no one is eliminated or all are eliminated that be it. However, missed targets or arriving back late may be offset by supplemental points.

6.Each person is a part of a two person team. However, each person is randomly partnered with someone other than the person's team mate.

7.If your team member is eliminated, you are eliminated. However, you or your team mate's points may be use to avoid elimination.

8. If all chasers are eliminated in any league, the team with most supplemental points will be declared winner. If in the last league, the team with most supplemental points will be declared winner.

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