Saturday, February 5, 2011

Uptown, Skyline, and Carytown

Just west of downtown is the Fan. A portion is also labeled as Uptown. As you pass Belvedere you come to Monroe Park with its southwestern corner is what was know as the Landmark Theater, formally The Mosque. Its history is varied and can be read at History of the Landmark Theater. I remember is as the Mosque, attending many a performance there. Uptown sits behind the Landmark Theater, along Main Street bordering VCU. The interesting colors makes this a unique community.

Carytown, like many neighborhoods are old and established. Many have may have a recovery. Carytown is noted most for the Byrd Theater and shopping. I heard that it began as the location of the toll booth on the old turnpike.

Robert Lee Bridge gives different views. From here we can see the Civil War Museum on the site of Tredegar  Iron work, with the city Skyline in the background.

From the Lee Bridge we have a good view of the Richmond skyline, including Southside.

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