Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Years Eve, 2010, Carytowm New Years Day, 2011, watching trains, Main Street, Richmond, VA

I took some time to visit folks in the Raleigh, NC, area. It was mainly a family visit. I did some checking out the situation. for one thing I wanted take pictures around Main Street Station. I first checked with security on where I could take pictures, in a safe and legal. I found myself at the Hermitage Road crossing in time for the Northeastern Regional 95, southbound, 95, led by engine number 24.

New Years Eve was spent with friends and the raising of the ball in Carytown.

New Year was spent, you guessed it, train watching. First there was the Northeast Reagional 67, led off with engine number 100. I original intention was to take the video than go in the station to get video of it leaving. I had cameral problems and did not get more video at Main Street Station.

Withing minutes came the Northeast Regional 194, led by endine number 79, I got stills.

I drove to Ashland,Va and caught it coming through.

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