Saturday, January 29, 2011

Main Street Station, Richmond, VA

Main Street Station was on my way into town, however, I waited until New Years day to take these pictures, before the arrival of Amtrak's Northeast Regional (both north and south bound). The station was restored and reopened back in 2003 I grew up in Richmond and Williamsburg, VA. I only remember Main Street Station after moving to Williamsburg for I went through it, taking the train to DC. In 1983 it burned. Until then, the clock in the tower worked and gave the time to passing motorist on I 95 (also know as the Richmond Petersburg Turnpike).

The station is in Italianate style although according to Wikipedia, it is in  Second Renaissance Revival style. Looking further you realize that Italianate is a style under that one. Across from the station, the city had fashioned a park called Main Street Station Park. Here, it is decorated for Christmas.

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