Friday, January 7, 2011

Carolina Southern Railroad, Part One

My objective this trip is the Carolina Southern RR, Their offices are at Chadbourne, NC
The Railroad, according to research before the trip, forms a "T" as it Connects Mullens, SC and Whiteville, NC, with a branch between  Chadbourn, NC and Conway, SC. I did not know what to expect. The website of the railroad looks as if it had not been update in a few years and videos were between two and five years old. All that I knew, it was best to start my excursion at Chadbourn.

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First encounter while at Chadbourn is not only the old station that serves as office for the railroad, but a number of engines and equipment in varying conditions. text about engines around office at Chadbourn. the last two might require an explanation. The Carolina Southern was, at one time was known as the Mid Atlantic RR. Since then, a new owner and new name. Now the Carolina Southern has a new owner, that of the Baltimore and Annapolis Railroad, therefore the engine store here.

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