Thursday, January 13, 2011

New England 1978

So! this past week was my last day trip of the season. That was somewhat dramatic. It may best be seen as the last of the regular day trips. The winter will be stunted by cold weather so the day trips will be thus oriented. In these pages I just might dig up past trips. Not all railfan chances oriented around just railfan trips. Remember Boston? It combined the usual tourist sites such as the USS Constitution with a bit of nostalgia of my life at Lynn, MA and a bit of shopping. Than there was what was expected railfanning along with many other chances missed.

This first combining of railfanning with other interest goes back to a vacation more than thirty years ago. I took a two week tour of New England. I began the trip with an excursion on the Chessie Steam Special, leaving Richmond and heading for Balcony Falls (Glasgow) and than return.

I went from there through DC and I 95 past NYC. My first stop in New England was Mystic to see the seaport. But I had to go by to see the station at Mystic and take a picture of at least one train, an Amtrak.

From Mystic I found my way into Providence, where my uncle and aunt lived. From there I took the train into NYC, to visit a sister. No trains except for the ride and one picture while on a boat Ride around the Island, showing some early Amtrak.
Onward to Plymouth, MA. One problem, I missed my exit and ended up in Boston. Later, I learned that I was at the backside of Boston's South Station. I got these pictures of Amtrak (in Delaware and Hudson Paint, common in early Amtrak) and Commuter Rail ready for their runs

Onward to Plymouth for the night an touring non railroad. I than across southern Mass. to Carver, the home of Edaville Scenic Railroad. (for more pictures of Edaville Scenic Railroad click here Edaville Scenic Railroad click here). Thirty years has seen great change but at the time it was a railroad and museum. It was fun to ride as see this two foot gauge line.
More scenic and historic touring including Sturbridge Village and Hancock Shaker Village. My sight turn for home via Strasburg PA.

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