Monday, January 3, 2011

Thinking ahead to Richmond.

I am not sure what to expect on my day trip. I have several long shots to deal with. The videos that I have seen, as well as others that I have seen, are between one and four years old. No details of the current operation is there. I am taking chances.

I have my itenary laid out. However, it is subject to change. Even as I think about my next, I think ahead. I said that this is the last for the season, but in reality, many daytrips and vacations have at least a side glance at trains and railroads. I came accross an web site that we railfans would like: The Idiot Railfan. I don't fit all the criterior. I have been know to forgo the bypass in order to see the railroad through downtown.

New Years day or the day after, I might do some watching and chasing. I will be in Richmond, VA for a part of that weekend. I could watch from the train station. or nearby (Pardon the Sound, disk lens needed cleaning and it was taken through a chain link fence):

 I have several locations that are more prefered. Years ago, I love a place at the south end of Acca Yard, accross from the yard office. As far as I could see, it was not railroad property. Besides, it was prior to 9/11/01 and security was not an issue. It was, also, prior to my first camcorder, so no video.

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