Thursday, December 30, 2010

Planning the Last Outing of the Season

It is time to do my last outing of the season. I found a video on YouTube:  Carolina Shortline Railroads 2007,  showing three shortlines within a day trip of here. There was a fourth not that I had forgotten about. These three were in SC and close to the border of NC. My memory and early exploration reminded me of the Alexander RR. I have now seen this fall, two of the four. What one will I chose? I may go to see the Carolina Southern Railroad, beginning at Chadburn and return via Florence SC to see a glimpse of the South Carolina Central Railroad. This does not mean that this i the end for the winter, the rest will be short with trips to be indoors: shopping, museum hopping, or something else.

I had planned to focus on the planning process before heading out. So far.  Video from YouTube and RailVideo become resource of what might be found or good location to catch action. Remember, these might be several years ago. The following is a tour of Carolina Southern, an interesting thing to see.

Carolina Southern Tour Part 1[YouTube video]

SCL1306 | August 22, 2010
Part 1 of our tour highlights points of interest from Mullins, SC to Whiteville, NC

Other videos for the Carolina Southern
Carolina Southern Railroad (CALA) GP-18 No.958 in Homewood SC
Pursuit of the Carolina Southern 10/27/08

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