Friday, December 3, 2010

Alexander RR

Over the years, a shortline that I came accross, was the Alexander RR. I was driving accross NC and there was the bridge with the RR name on it. I followed it to the end of the line and took several pictures in their engine house.
Alexander RR, no. 3. 

Alexander RR, no. 6.
I decided a new visit to the Alexander RR was in order. However, things do not alway go the way you want, or even expect. I drove from Statesville to Taylorsville not finding anything. I did get a picture of their business office/station.
The only thing on the scanner was Sherriff office chatter. Until I returned and got almost back to Statesville. There was no. 10, swithching out of an industry. I stopped to get my camcorder ready, just ahead of the crossing arms. Than the arms came down and before I could get into position, it had passed. In railfan fashion, I sped to catch the train and all I got this 5 second shot.
Guess what? It dissapeared.. Not exactly, but it was switching some cars behind a building and I could not get around to video. From there, I did not see it again. I did get a coulple of pictures of Engine no. 6, parked on the side of the road.

I will go back, maybe the next time I need to cross NC.

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