Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lancaster and Chester Railroad, part 2

I arrived in Lancaster and soon found the station and office of the Lancaster and Chester Railroad. The sign said no trespassing, visitor needed to sign in at the office. I immediately drove off. I did some exploring on public streets and found the backdoor of the shops. I was on public property, or at least what I thought was public property. Either way, I got pictures of the two switchers.

I drove back around to the office. I parked in a neighbor parking space and ask the owner for permission, which he agreed. I than walked to the office area, on the public sidewalk. When I stepped on the property there was the security and we talked. He told me that the train had just left Kershaw and was coming that way.

I chose a site along side the track and set up for video and stills. It may not been a truly public property but the Fire Department was having a BBQ fundraiser so I assumed it was public, at least for the day. 

40 minutes I saw a headlight in the distance. It approached and was surprised it was the Lancaster and Chester Railroad highrailer.

My thought turned to that security guard, did he send me all this way just to get me off of Railroad Property. Twenty minutes would answer that question in the negative. The train came by, I went to the bathroom in the Fire Department. I thought that the train might be too far ahead to catch, but to my surprise I saw pass over the highway on its way into Lancaster. I rushed ahead to film the train, by chance. But, not to be. I did catch up to it but did not have camera ready. However, it turned into a real train chase, reminder of the steam train chases of a couple of decades ago. So here is that case.

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