Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Amtrak Silver Star and Silver Meteor

Although I did not see either the Star or the Meteor while in Selma, They are old trains that predate Amtrak.  I had the occasion to ride one between Baltimore MD and Richmond, VA as a group of my railfan buddies returned from a day trip to the B&O Museum in the early 1980's We got no pictures of the interior, however. The route, at that time was different, than today.

At that time the route for the Star and the Meteor diverged south of the SCL yard in Petersburg. Since than the CSX have removed the tracks from Peterburg to Norlina, along the old Silver Star route. It keep the trains running between Petersburg and Raleigh, route was extended south to Selma before going west. Here is a picture of the Star and Meteor going south out of the Petersburg Yard, in the early 80's
Silver Star, northbound
Silver Meteor, northbound
Note the use of F40's This was just after Amtrak bought out the Southern Crescent so a few cars were old Southern cars, not yet repainted to Amtrak colors.

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