Friday, December 17, 2010

A Surprise

Into many exursions there it the unexpted. These are things that research did not bring to light. There are also the surprises, that you may or may not have thought about. At Richburg there is this display in a playground/park. The saddle tender belong to the Edgemoor and Manetta Railroad. I had seen this as I was laying out the Lancaster and Chester RR, while looking at Google's street view, but in time, I forgot about it.

". . . .the Edgemoor and Manetta Railroad, left the Seaboard Air Line mainline at Edgemoor and ambled a few miles to a mill in Lando. Its 2.5-mile length was owned by Manetta Mills, the line's only customer. Operations were discontinued July 9, 1975, when the road's steam locomotive was condemned, which is shown on display in Richburg, SC in the picture below. (While Richburg was not on the E and M, it is on the still-active Lancaster and Chester.)" [Abandoned Rails: Edgemoor to Lando]

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