Monday, December 13, 2010

Lancaster and Chester Railroad, part 1

As you may have discern, there is a lag in the travel and the postings. It is now early November but this will not be posted until mid December. It takes me that long to process the pictures and video, to select and than write, edit, etc. Than I need to keep the postings in a readable length,

The days have turned cold. It remained warm later but now becomes seasonable. The time has changed so
I have far less evening light. I Have today and one more day off before Thanksgiving. From there until after Christmas, there will be little in train watching. However, there have been several years when I chase and watched and videoed and photographed trains on News Years Day. Of Course, I have other interest, many can be done indoors.

Resent research reveals a number of shortlines within day trip distance. I laid most out and think about watching. The Alexander was one of them. This week I took on the Lancaster and Chester in central South Carolina.

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more about the L & C RR to come

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