Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Railfan Shopping Trip

Of course, I still take the chance to watch trains when I can, even though the "season" had ended. It is not an official season. The only thing that prevents watching is the length of sunlight. With shorter days, day trips have to be shorter. With Christmas coming I to do some shopping. I was going to Fayetteville, NC. I drove by Aberdeen and the A&R shops were empty. I drove along side of the railroad to see what I can see. In all the times that I have been by the A and R, I haven't seen it operate. I did miss a turn off and was delayed a bit. After leaving Rockfish, I headed north where I would continue to follow the RR into Fayetteville and Skibo Road. Here is the first that I saw, a very A and R boxcar:

I got into Fayetteville and Skibo Road and nothing. I took the chance and drove downtown  and there was number 300 dong some switching in and out of some local industries.

Before I knew it, it was close to time for the Amtrak arrival in Fayetteville. I headed to the station. I found out that the southbound Palmetto was 15 minutes late so I waited. It was about 15 minutes before arrival so I went out to get into position. It took a bit as I first needed to size up each location. However as I crossed the tracks at the crossing. I saw the headlights of a northbound, way down the line. It was a CSX freight with a string of hoppers.

As I turned to set myself for the Amtrak, I notices a road construction sign that might ruin my view, in the video. I crossed the street and stood under the sign. I was about half a block from the crossing. The train came and stretched to a stop. I moved quickly and moved back to the crossing. I had two possible locations that would be good. One was with my back to the crossing and the other across the street. Luck would have it that I was across the street. Just as the train was moving forward, a dump truck came to up to the light. Had I been on the other corner, it would have blocked my video.

BTW: I did get to the mall to do some shopping, after 8 hours of train watching.

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