Monday, January 17, 2011

Pee Dee River RR

From Hamlet my route took me to McColl where I began to follow the Pee Dee River Railroad. No action from there until I got to the Domtar Paper Mill at the end of the line. I watched as they switched cars around the plant. I take up the procedure of staying on public property as much as I can. When the paper mill security as me what I was doing, I simply said that I was taking picture of the train. Since I was not on their property and not blocking any operations they had, she simple drove on. I do think that she kept an eye on me from a distance. I continued to video and watched, without any further questions. I have edited my video and here is the Pee Dee River crossing the road from the plant to their holding Yard.

The two road switchers continued to work at the plant across the road and I watched and listened to the scanner. As I listened, I hear one of the trainmen mention a railfain, but did not catch what was said. I assumed they were talking about me but more conversation continued'

Trainman one: If you want to be a railfan, you need a good camera. One that in comfortable.

Trainman two: Why would I need that.

Trainman one: well what are you going to do when you retire.

Trainman two: when I retire I am not going to look at another train.

At this point, around 2, a person from the railroad stopped at this location. Remember, at this point I was neither on the Paper Mill Property nor the railroad. However, he was just checking me out. I asked if he wanted me to leave and he said no. I could stay. We talked a bit and he was telling that the train was heading home. I did snapped a couple more pictures and moved on to Cheraw NC where I was to begin another run and a short line.

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