Saturday, January 15, 2011

Trip via Hamlet

I. Hamlet: I know that I said that the last trip was the last of the season. The main reason is that, since the change from Daylight Savings time back to standard time, the daylight ends rather early. Besides, the cold is a problem. I had Thanksgiving and came back to work. It was a trying time so I needed a trip away. I had looked at a visit to the Pee Dee River Railroad and the North Carolina Central. I worked out my itenary for both. To make things more interesting, I would take a drive though Hamlet.

A railfan drive through Hamlet begins turning down, toward the station. A swing by the station was thwarted by a blocked RR crossing. NO it was not blocked by a train but by construction. I swung back uptown just above the Station. At that crossing I can see if anything was coming. As I approach the crossing the gates came down. I got video of the train crossing. I wanted to get ahead of it as it took the right swithch to go west. However, as would be our luck, two non railfains were turning ath the stop sign so I was slowed and did not get to the next crossing in time.

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