Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Western and Atlantic RR, Sanford, NC

The weather was moderate so I took off to see the Western and Atlantic RR in Sanford, NC. I have been past Sanford and crossed over the W&A many times, but never watched. Between the CSX tracks and the A&W tracks was the old brick union station. Within the block there was the Railroad House, which, according to my research. what built for the Raleigh & Augusta Air-Line. It has been converted into a museum.

Most cities and towns have their railroad display, a caboose or engine. Sanford has his steam engine. I happened upon the history of this engine. It was  Built For Raleigh & Southport Railway Co. #10 at Raleigh, NC. In 1912, after consolidation, it was the Raleigh, Charlotte & Southern Railway Co. #10. After merger in 1914, it became Norfolk Southern Railway Co. #99 and in 1939 it was renumbered #203 In 1946 it was sold to Atlantic & Western Railway Co. and became #12 In 1966, donated to Railroad House Historical Association. (The Steam Project,

I arrived downtown and turned at the tracks to get myself oriented. There next to the parking lot that I choose was the W&A switcher. I heard an engine in the distance but what one, I did not know. I got pictures of 109. It was lunch time so they were taking a break.

I took time to trace the mainline, 11 miles of track. Upon my return, 109 was busy switching.

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