Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A brief stop

In my work, I occasionally follow the Aberdeen Carolina Western between Aberdeen and Pinehurst, NC. One afternoon, I saw them heading into Aberdeen where their interchange with CSX. I neither had time nor my good camera, so I let it pass. The next day I took my camera with me. I thought that I should take my day off by tracing the ACW. I had traced it from Aberdeen to Star, NC but never between Gulf and Charlotte. To prepare on my way home I came into Aberdeen to see if there was something there, that I might chase on the next day.

CSX was switching down the road. It did come as far as the crossing but no further. While watching, I heard a train horn in the distance. I knew this must have been the Aberdeen and Rockfish. CSX had the main fouled as well as the ACW/CSX interchange. I took the chance to run by the AR shops. As I got there I caught 300 heading for the shops.

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