Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Queen City

Often, my excursions are planned weeks in advance. Some are planned over the week for the weekend. Occasionally they are spur of the moment or a detour. Back in January, I had thought about tracing the route of the Aberdeen, Carolina Western. I even stopped by Aberdeen to see what might be sitting there ready for operation, the next day.

Now came the news. The Kinkisharyo Corporation was showing their trolley, In Charlotte, NC. The trolley simply a light rail vehicle which has a battery so it can leave the overhead wires. The Kinkisharyo Corporation has many light rails in this country, including the new green line cars in Boston. This news of the trolley was the reason to change plans.

Charlotte has a light rail line from downtown to the north. They have plans for its expansion. But looking for the trolley could be tricky. Where to find it. The old vintage trolleys went to 9th street but the light rail stopped at 7th street. This made 7th street the ideal place to look first for the trolley. And, I was right for there it was.

To be cont.

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