Monday, March 28, 2011

Playing with Toys

Eventually,all cameras that use in rail fanning and other photography, find there usual place. With family and casual use, my cell phone becomes standard. It is more portable and blends with normal stuff that it is ideal having no camera bag or camera hanging around the neck. Perfect for casual shots. The following shots are an example of how this works. Hanging out at the mall, a few shots to send home would be nice. Any other camera would be uncomfortable, at best.

These are picture, taken recently, in Four Season Town Center, in Greensboro, NC. I don't have a stand alone point and shoot camera. In a setting like a family party, that kind of camera would be ideal, not bulky but good pictures.

I tried to use my camcorders still function, but it is not so good as it's video functions. The standard resolution is not all that great. If taken from the video, it is even less. The newer camcorders might be better. When I replace my current, I will look at that function. The advantage to camcorders is the nature of the screen. It moves so I can see the preview better.

I still use the camcorder for video. I find that most of my video is of trains. If it move video, if not take a still picture. What this means, casual and family video are currently from cell phone. Stills are from my DSLR unless it is in a place where I prefer something less conspicuous.

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