Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Accidental Railfan

As in the last post, not all train watching is planned, set up. I was doing out doing some shopping when I heard the horn of a train in the distance. I just happen to have my cameras in the car, with me. I went into the Wal Mart bought a couple of item and came out. I again heard the horn of the train but closer and definately moving in my direction. I decided to take a few minutes (RIGHT) to take some pictures of that train. The next best site to use for video or pictures was in Hamlet. Coming into Hamlet, I crossed the railroad on a bridge and saw the tain up the tracks about 200 yards. I hurried downtown to the grade crossing at the station, the nearest one. I was not the only railfan there, by the way. I just barely got my video camera ready to get the following piece:

This was not the end of the event. Waiting were two trains, waiting for the green light to head west. To my surprise, there was a NS and a CSX freight waiting to leave.

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