Saturday, March 26, 2011

More on My My Toy

Evenutally, all toys settle into their habitual use. I now have two DSLR's, a camcorder (mini-DVD), and my cellphone cameral (including video). Very quickly I have settled into a pattern of each use. In the beginning, I had only my SLR. Soon I got a point and shoot. I had problems with train photography with the point and shoot. After a half dozen years of trying to learn around the problems, I gave up and got myself a new DSLR. It took me two weeks to learn what I could not learn in 6 years of the point and shoot.

About the same time, I decided to replace my old camcorder. My old camcorder was a 8mm tape recorder. For some reason, I did very little train watching with it. Most of that was habit, wanting stills not video. Besides, editing the video was difficult, at the time. A new DVR with recordable DVD, made all the diffference, but a lot of orportunities had passsed. My new camcorder was a mini DVD (still in use, BTW). I set out to play with the two. For trains, it was complicated. First, I would set a tripod and video the train, while taking stills.

More recently, I take video of train, only, with exception. If it moves video it, if it does not move, take a still picture of it.

I do not use the DSLR nor the camcorder for family pictures, but use the cellphone. My last visit with the new camera had one picture on the camcorder.

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