Friday, February 11, 2011

Sanford, NC Return Trip

I did a little exploring. I went up the CSX to the NS interchange. There was the 7016 waiting.
As I was working myself back to town a CSX freight passed, but too late to video. I chased it back into town but arrived a bit too late. I went to watch more Atlantic and Western but they were finishing up for the day. So off the the chases. I got almost to Southern Pines and was going to pull over but the road was close and the gates were coming down, not enough time to set up so down the road and pulled up to another crossing, and caught it coming by. I pulled into Aberdeen and, as is a custom, I was going to the Aberdeen and Rockfish shops when I noticed that I was ahead of the freight and saw it up the tracks so part two of this video.

Finishing the video at Aberdeen, I came along trackside to the Aberdeen Carolina Western interchange and there were 6910 and 6918. I have not seen these engines before. These were a different paint scheme, as well.

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