Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Over all, this was a good trip. The side trip for train watching was worth it. Splitting the watching made the trip more comfortable, in its own way. I did miss one chance to watch trains that was on the original schedule, the Staten Island Railroad. I chose to go to Trenton, instead.

I got back and took care of videos and pictures and begin to plan the next trips. I took on day trip, recently and the result are on my YouTube Channel, at gcm100x. So where do I go from here. In two trips I took in a lot of the NEC. I would love to go back to see the SIR. Than there is the Metro-North to take in as well. It has both diesels and electrics to take in. As I looked at the possibilities, I concluded that the best way to go would be to fly to JFK, rent a car and than take in the train watching, including the Hudson Line as well as the New Haven line, and the SIR. The SIR is more difficult to get to, particular by public transportation, Driving from either Newark or JFK, would be easier and quicker.

Now to look at future trips. Maybe next time I fly to a good starting point. One form is to fly to JFK, rent a car. From there take in the Staten Island Ferry, zip up to the Hudson River route of the Metro North and over to the New Haven Line. I am also looking at other railroad destinations, such as monorails in parks. I revised my Philadelphia  and Baltimore out and backs. It would be late fall or spring before my next trip is taken.

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