Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 7, part 2

There was more at Trenton. There is the southern terminus of the Trenton Line of the NJT, even though the Atlantic City trains run further south along with the River Line which runs to Camden (with short connection into Philadelphia. I took enough video of NJT at Harrison and Newark, so it is not disappointing that I got only one NJT train,  on the point waiting for service.

NJT 6041 on the line
SEPTA, Pennslyvania Commuter Rail, terminates it's Trenton Line, in Trenton. The bonus of this trip is getting video of three Silverliners:

SEPTA 9720, Silverliner, Southbound
SEPTA 746, Silverliner, Southbound
Now for the trip back to Newark. I will put the last stops in the next entry.

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