Sunday, March 22, 2015

Riding the Train, cont.

That excursion to Atlanta included a trip to Washington on Amtrak. This was done to compare the experience. At the time there was on round trip from my home in Williamsburg and Boston. That was the old Colonial. I then started taking Amtrak when I could.

When I started this discussion, I intended to begin with a discussion of train verses any other transit form. It was summarized as that each should not be compete with other but complement and support the others. We should be looking to a balanced and useful system. This discussion would move to where do we take trains and planes. Than I would move to what makes up a good train trip.

As  railfan, I am more prone to train travel that the average person. To be honest, I find train travel to be more comfortable for a longer ride than airlines, by about 3:1. However, this is not absolute. The thing about train travel is that there is more leg room per passenger. Besides that, movement, or train walking is not discouraged. But the main element that determines the length of a comfortable are other factors than length.

An overnighter for a train, is nice. You sleep on the train and arrive in the morning. Much of the trip is while sleeping. I don't sleep well while traveling but it is still better.

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