Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas and New years, 2015/2016, Morning of the first Day

Since summer, I have done little as far as this blog. I did sort the mugs, update patches, and did some organization of the old postcards. I have done some planning for future trips. I may have decided which one I will take in July. I retire in June and may take one then, I will be moving so that will influence where.

I am taking my traditional Christmas to Richmond excursion. Since I am retiring and maybe relocating here, I have mostly been looking a future housing. I had not planned to do any railfanning, but this morning I did go to Main Street Station. Coming into town, I passed by and saw that they had open back up the old train shed. They had remodeled it into a mall to help revitalize downtown, but that didn't work out, than it became storage for citywide textbooks. I had heard rumors that they were planning some renovating of the station.

I had my camera and camcorder with me just as the NE Regional came through. I had four batteries for the camcorder, all depleted. I turned to my SLR it's battery was depleted. I got a video made with my phone and, guess what? I was loss in editing. OH well!

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