Sunday, August 8, 2010


I first created a schedule. This was more a shedule to see if my trip would work. Here is my last draft before leaving:

Day 1, Monday

(7:00 from Richmond, US Airways 3742) to Logan Airport Boston
(Silver Line, 19 min.) to South Station (20 min.) 
Round Trip A. South Station to South Station Walk, View Larger Map      
                    B. (4 min.) to Independence Wharf Observation Deck (1 hr.) 

                    C. (9 min.) to Courthouse (30 min.) 
                    D. (15 min.) to South Station (30 min.)(1 hr lunch) 
(Red Line to Potter Square, walk, 26 min.) to Fairfield Ave. Apartment, (10 min.), see area map      
(walking, Bus 77, 4 min.) to Porter Square (10 min.) 
(Red Line, 3 min.) to Harvard Square (1hr.), see area map      
(Red Line, 14 min.) to South Station (20 min.)
(Red Line to Park Street, Heath Street (E) Green Line, 22 min.) to hotel
(10 min) to Prudential Skywalk (1 hr.) 

Day 2, Tuesday 

(9:00 from hotel, 11 min.) to Car Rental
Driving Tour A. Car Rental, View entire route map
                      B. (27 min.) to Nahant Rd. (10 min.) View of Lynn Shore and Boston skyline    
                      C. (4. min.) to Lynn Shore Dr. park (10 min.)
                      D. (2 min.) to Swampscott Beach (10 min.)
                      E. (3 min.) to Swampscott Train Station (10 min.)
                      F. (4 min.) to Estes Street, Ritz Carlton Apartment (10 min.)
                      G. (1 min.) to Goldfish Pond (20 min,)
                      H. (1 min.) to Christ Church (10 min.)

                      I. (3 min.) to High Rock (20 min,) 
                      J. (5 min) to Capitol Diner (1 hr. lunch)
                      K. (5 min.) to Lynn Common (10 min.)
                      L. (22 min.) to just across water on Summer Street, in Fed Express center parking, if there are cruise ships at Black Falcon Terminal (10 min.) 
                      M. (4 min.) to opposite Pleasure Bay from Fort Independence. (10 min.)
                      N. (2 min.) to Fort Independence (1 hr.) 
                      O. (14 min.) to Old Ironsides (1 hr.). While on Atlantic, see if it would be worth it to extend walking trip from Christopher Columbus Park to Battery Wharf, walking or busing or other.
                      P. (6 min.) to North Point Park, watch trains 4:10o, 4:20o, 4:25o, 4:30o, 4:33i, 4:40o, 4:40o, 4:45o, 4:49o, 4:50o, 4:52i, 4:58i, 4:59i, 5:00oA, 5:00o, 5:10i, 5:10i, 5:10o, 5:10o
                      Q. (10 min.) to Car Rental
       (11 min.) To Hotel

Day 3, Wednesday
(from hotel, 8:55, 3 min.) to Massachusetts Ave. T station to watch: 9:14iP, 9:20oAa, 9:40oAr, 9:41iP, 9:54iAa, 9:59iF, 10:46iP, 11:00iAr, 11:10oAr, 11:12iP). see area map   

Walking tour to Park Street A. Massachusetts Ave. T station    View route map
              B.  (4 min.) to Hotel (10 min) to drop off tripod
              C. (12 min) to Boston Public Library (20 min.)
              D. (16 min.) to Esplanade (Hatch Shell) (20 min.)(1hr. lunch)
              E. (12 min., 10 min. to Cheers) to Swan Boats (20 min.)
              F. (15 min.) to State House (10 min.)
              G.  (2 min.) to Park Street Church (10 min.)
              H.(4 min.) to Park Street Station/Downtown Crossing(1 hr.) 
              (Orange Line, 10 min.) to Hotel
Add more, pictures around the Hotel, i.e. Symphony Hall, Christian Science Park, Harcourt, Copley, etc., see area map       
(Green Line, Blue Line at Government Center, 20 min.) to Sunset Cruise: Schedule. Departs from Long Wharf, Daily, 7:00 PM
(Heath Street (E) Green Line, Blue Line at Government Center, 21 min.)

Day 4, Thursday

(9:00 from hotel, Heath Street (E) Green Line, to Park Street, Red Line, 22 min. Red Line) to South Station (30 min.) 
 walking Tour Downtown A. South Station, View route map

              B. (11 min.) to Rowes Wharf (20 min.)
              C. (8 min.) to Long Wharf (10 min.)
              D. (8 min.) Christopher Columbus Park, (20 min.)
              E. (7 min.) to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market (1 hr.), (1 hr. lunch)
              F. (4 min.) to Old State House and State Street Station (10 min.)
(Red Line to Ashmount, Mattapan-High Speed Line, 34 min,) to Cedar Grove (1 hr) 
(Mattapan-High Speed Line to Ashmount, Red Line to Park Street, Green Line, 48 min, Orange Line) to Lechmere (45 min.) 
(Heath Street (E) Green Line, 21 min.) to Hotel

Day 5
(9:00 from hotel, Green Line to Government Center, Blue Line to Airport, Shuttle, 38 min.)  to Terminal B (20 min.)  

(Shuttle to Airport, Blue Line, 23 min.) to Revere (45 min.)
(Blue Line to Airport, Shuttle, 24 min) to 
Terminal B Airport    
(US Airways 4041) to Richmond (US Airways)                  

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