Saturday, August 14, 2010

The schedule, purposes

The schedule, outline in the last entry, is designed for two purposes. The first of course is to let me know if time will allow me to see what I want. By using Google Maps, and setting out directions, the time between stops is estimated. Add the amount of time expected to stay and we can reasonable know what can be seen in what time. Of course the time one would be visiting would be a variable as it were.

After laying out a tour, this provide for maps. I took this schedule and put it into a blog. The links of course gave maps. With my web enhance smart phone, I accessed the blog and called up the maps. Many had the tour, laid out in relative detail.

However, it must be pointed out, that this was a guide, not a plan that could not be deviated from. In fact, from the first hours, deviation was the norm. I did rent the car on the second day. I followed most of the plan but I got lost so the plan had to be altered. On the first day, instead of dropping off my luggage in a locker at South Station, I carried it on to the Hotel. This altered a lot of other things, as well.

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