Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Change of Plans

That wonderful agenda that I created was always meant to be tentative. I knew approximately how much time to spend in the different places but not exactly. The first changes to the agenda came when I checked in for my flight. My 7:00 am flight was cancelled even before I arrived at the airport. I was excited about my trip and could not sleep. I arrived at 5:00 and went to the window to reschedule my trip. They did have a 6:00 via Philadelphia with an hour layover. I arrived in Boston an hour later than I had originally scheduled but leaving an hour earlier.

Sitting in the waiting area of the airport I noticed how the world had changed. 2/3 of those waiting had their laptops out and working. The the others were texting on their cell phones. A far cry from 25 years ago when I first flew to Boston. In fact check in takes twice as long.

I arrived in Boston and I called the hotel. I wanted to know if I could drop off my luggage, and they said yes. So instead of coming to South Station and getting a locker, as planned, I headed for the hotel. I figured that from their I might continue as planned. NOT SO.
Amtrak Accela

Amtrak  921
MBTA 1115

When I arrived at the hotel, they did not have my room ready. I went for lunch and to the Prudential Tower. I had planned to go the skywalk at Prudential Center, but not until late in the day. After check in, off the Cambridge as originally planned. Timing was no longer critical. I did watch some trains at South Station.

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