Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 2

This second day was more according to the schedule laid out. I reserved a rental car and picked it up. I had use 9:00 as my starting time, but at this point I found myself beginning earlier, around 8:30. I planned to drive to the north Shore. I lived for a while at Lynn. I never did get pictures of the place. There were other things to photograph as well. I made the drive without incident. I drove to Nahant. From the research that I had done, I could get a good picture of the Boston Skyline. There was too much in obstruction so I came back along Lynn Shore Dr. and found a parking space to take pictures of to coastline. There it was a skyline picture

Boston Skyline from Lynn Reservation
The Shore line was nice. I walk around Lynn Shore and than drove up the shore to Swamscott.
Lynn Shore Reservation

Lynn Shore
Lynn Shore to Swanscott

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