Friday, September 24, 2010

End of Day 1

My original itinery was greatly altered. I started at the room, rather than later in the afternoon. The tower view was first where it was planned to be last. I did get to Cambridge and South Station but not in the order planned and I missed the second sky deck view, all together.

Long view of the Boston YMCA
Green Line outbound

Inbound Heath Line

Inbound Heath line different era Light Rail
I did get a view of the YMCA, my first home in what was at the time, the strange town of Boston. I took a walk close by and got some pictures of the Green Line where is went underground.

After supper, I went around the corner to check out the orange line station to see how good of a location it would be. I did get a few pictures and did come back later.
Orange Line, Mass. Ave, Station

Orange Line, Mass. Ave. Station

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