Monday, September 27, 2010

day 2, part 3

My drive from Swamscott train station, took be by the apartment building that I lived in 25 years ago. My route took me by a park and church which is withing my personal history. One thing I seem to have missed during my time in Lynn was High Rock Tower. I don't know how I missed it. I went by and from that high place I tood another picture of the Boston Skyline.

Boston Skyline from High Rock Tower
High Rock Tower from Central Square Train Station, Lynn, MA
Downtown Lynn need not be dwelled upon. I ended up at the train station in Lynn. It has moved a block South. the old train station is, in part, still there.

Central Square old staion, where I got my first taste of Lynn, MA. The arch to the extreem left had the station, 25 years ago, if memory serves.
The last duty of the morning was to find the Capitol Diner. It was as pictures had shown. I never did see the place when I lived in Lynn.

Capitol Diner. Timing was bad as the diner had been repainted but the letter not returned to the front.

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