Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 2, part 4

Day 2 went as expected, until lunch. There were only a few surprises. One was that I could see High Rock from the train platform. What was surprising was that in a year of commuting by train, I never saw that. The only thing left in Lynn, was a drive though Lynn, Commons and south back to Boston. The afternoon potential was to go to Pleasure Bay and Fort Independence in South Boston, than around to the Constitution. From there across the interstate to a place called North Point Park, to watch trains. One problem at North Point Park, no parking.

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Google map indicatied there was parking, however there were no available spaces. I did drive to the nearest MBTA parking lot, too far to walk. I did make it to Lechmere Station on the Green line. I took pictures of Green Line cars coming out of the station.

Older Green Line LRVs. I rode these when I lived in Boston.
Old and new LRVs coupled together.
Two genereations LRVs couple together.
I will return to Lechmere to take more pictures. The green line was ridden more than any other. This was the line that went closest to the Hotel, between the Prudential Center and Symphony Hall. North

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