Friday, September 2, 2011

Final Considerations in Planning

I have done very little detailed work with my travels. Other than airlines, little other has been scheduled. I am visiting family and will let them show me around San Diego and surrounds. I am in the third revision of this information. first was the trip the Oceanside for a day trip to watch Sprinter, light rail. I would watch Coaster, the San Diego commuter rail, while there. Than, I learned that Metrolink, the L.A, commuter rail, came into Oceanside. It would be a nice day trip. However, would it be worth the trip, or should I wait to a future trip.

I had been to San Diego, several years ago, for a funeral, and had no chance to tour. I did get a few, very few pictures, beyond family. I put this for your pleasure.

Downtown Dan Diego from a high place. to the left is Old Town and the airport, not well seen
Even now there are questions and revision and new things to consider in railfanning. One note, I have not planned beyond this train watching, because it is a family visit. I will let them show me around, being natives, they can show me the more interesting points, and faster.

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