Sunday, September 18, 2011

San Diego, Day 2, part 4a, Old Town Station, Coaster and Amtrak

My sister had a few personal errands to do, so she dropped me by Old Town Station.
This station is nothing special. It is today a stop on the Coaster and the Trolley. Only a few Amtrak's will stop, others just pass through. This makes it a good place to watch trains. My train watching included many trolleys, but. my first train encounter was Amtrak Surfliner 572, southbound being pulled by 463.

I was watching the trolley when an unexpected northbound Surfliner came by. It was not on my schedule. I did get into a good position but just as it began to pass, it blew my cap off and I only got part of the train. It was not enough to save. Next was Coaster 651 pulled by 2101 northbound.

The next train was the Amtrak Surfliner 774 pulled by 466

Next was Amtrak Surfliner 587, Southbound pulled by 463.

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