Friday, October 7, 2011

San Diego, Day 4, part 2, More Old Town Station

Tuesday's train watching netted only one Coaster. I missed two, being out of position. I made the mistake of not having scheduled after a particular time. My sister had a little more personal business and she dropped my at Old town for a little more watching. I arrive at least a few minutes to late to get a good view of the first Coaster number 651 northbound. I did get a piece of it as it left the station.

I had some time before the next coaster so I took the trolley downtown. I missed the inbound and outbound Surfliner. That was anticipated. I returned in plenty of time for the southbound Coaster 654.

Finally, I got my third Coaster for the Day and my fourth for this trip. Number 653 northbound is next.

While waiting for Coasters, I videoed a couple of trolleys.

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